Right 3D OpenGL Library with JUCE

Hi everybody,
This subject may have already been covered but i am wondering about the right OpenGL library to use with JUCE.

This would be for a little 3D modelling soft. Was planning to use Coin3D for example
https://bitbucket.org/Coin3D/coin/wiki/Home , used in FreeCAD http://www.freecadweb.org/

But if anybody would advice me a better library to deal with OpenGL features in JUCE ?
Thanks in advance,
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Nobody has a good OpenGL library to use with JUCE to advice me?

I see that many peoples out there are dealing with Music and VST , but nobody here for Graphic Editing ?


You heavily generalise when you say “3D”: what is it you want to do exactly?

I mean, you could try using these things instead:

There are many, many things you can accomplish with the GPU:

  • Lighting
  • Static model loading
  • Texture mapping
  • Animated model loading, usually with Inverse Kinematics
  • Water
  • Terrain generation
  • Shaders (e.g.: Motion blur, let alone geometry and tessellation shaders)
  • CAD drawing, I guess

You could download and embed Autodesk’s FBX library to do all sorts of 3D modelling stuff:

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Thanks for your answer @jrlanglois =)

I know what unity 3D and unreal engine are . Theses projects are too heavyweight stuff made for video game and rendering i don’t like and don’t need for my project.

I also know few libs like glm to deal with low level openGL. And i know how to do that =)

Coin3d seems adapted to what i am going to do , (CAD/3D modelling) but it seems that it hasn’t been updated for a while .
So that’s why i asked if anybody knew à better lib than this Coin3D, i meant a project more recent or active.

Basic OpenGL interactions like a widget for OpenGL output are already in JUCE.
And Autodesk is not really in the open source thing. I’d rather deal with Open Projects =)

HAve a good Evening =)