GUI design best practices?

Hi there,
I’m (almost) completely convinced by buying a commercial license because I intend to create & sell VST plugin.

I’d like to know several things about the GUI Design.

  • how can you change the gtk (create your own sliders etc ?) ? does it exist a PSD customization way to do that ?
  • at which point do you begin your gui? each time you create a variable for the user? at the end ?

any tips & experiencies would be appreciated :slight_smile:

Use the LookAndFeel class. To understand this: build the juce demo. On it’s titlebar, click on Demo->Widgets. And then click on Look-and-feel->Use the old…
As you can see the sliders appear different. Now you just need to read the manual for LookAndFeel.
And this could help:

It depends.

thanks for your feedback
building juce demo :slight_smile:

is there a little doc or tuto to use Jucer with best practices?
what is the process to follow, I mean?

for instance, I’m creating a synth with some knobs (volume, pitch offset, cutoff + Q LPfilter)
How can I link those values to those knobs?

The instance name of objects would be required, I guess… I know that
But, should I code the whole redraw, listeners etc ? or is it included in those classes already existing ?