GUI rendered black with latest Juce + VST3

Hi everyone,

strangely since i updated last time from the git the GUI in the VST3 is totally black while in the VST version of the plugin it is rendered normally. This even occurs with the Juce Demo Plugin.

After reverting to the version available as download for MAC the GUI is rendered as it should be for the VST3.

Any idea?



Could you create a small reproducable example? The git commit number where things break would also be helpful.



Hi Joshua,

i used the latest version from git. (Downloaded three days ago...)

Then i just used the introjucer to open the example plugin's .jucer, then save and open in XCode. Using latest VST3-SDK (3.65). Building for both VST and VST3 as universal (32 and 64 bit).

Btw. i am using XCode 7 on El Capitan.



Thanks for the info :)

Could you narrow down the git commit where it broke? That make it much easier to fix!

Hi Joshua,

honestly i do not do updates from git very frequently during development. I just can say that i notice it after the last update.

Just tested it on Yosemite (built with XCode 7, OSX 10.11 SDK and build target 10.9), same effect. It works as VST, but VST3 is black.


It works as VST, but VST3 is black.

Not sure if you're in the loop, but those are two totally different APIs/SDKs!

You'd have to step through the git history until you find the commit at fault: .

Haven't had the time yet to try this but here is the error msg from the console:

2015-09-30 15:25:39.695 Plugin Host[5531:102734] A Carbon window's attributes couldn't be gotten.
2015-09-30 15:25:39.695 Plugin Host[5531:102734] A Carbon window's features couldn't be gotten.
2015-09-30 15:25:39.695 Plugin Host[5531:102734] Couldn't get window modality: error=-5600

Hope this helps.


Which host?

This effect occurs with the Juce PluginHost. In Reaper for example the GUI is not rendered at all and Reaper switches to parameter view because it does not recognize the existence of a GUI.


Try again with my changes from yesterday!

Hi Jules,

the VST3-GUI is still black. Everything seems to get instantiated, i even get the OpenGL Invalid Framebuffer Operation error. But i only see the stuff in the VST.


Drat - sorry, the changes I was talking about never got pushed to github! Have done so now, please try again!

Thanks, now it does work again.

Thumbs up, Jules!