Guidance for sharing JUCE plugins under the GPL for KVR challenge

I’m thinking of entering the KVR developer challenge.

What is the preferred way to comply with the GPL licence when distributing JUCE plugins, and are there any simple guidelines to follow?

Since I’d just be distributing a .dll or vst3 file, it’s not particularly easy for me to bundle the source with the VST.

Do I just copy the GPL licence to the header of each new source file and then put a zip of the source and projucer file on a website?

It would be great if one day I can make a living writing VSTs, but that’s a good way off and I can’t afford $50 in the meantime!

Thanks in advance for any guidance,

I’ll also have a contribution for the kvr DC and will simply upload the plugin’s source code to github when the entries go online. I think putting the source on a website should also suffice but of course, I’m no lawyer.

Thanks for the response,
I’m actually now toying with the idea of subscribing to JUCE.
I want to support its development somehow, and it gives me a convenient motivation to write plugins.

Also saves my blushes about my code quality, though it could probably do with a review.

I wish there were a cheaper licence for people who were just making plugins for free but didn’t want to Open source their work just yet. Perhaps between where it is now and the model used by games engines like unreal engine (

Anyone know if Roli put all the funds from the Juce subscriptions back to the JUCE team or whether they are spread out in the business?

Good luck in the contest,

You don’t need to bundle the source code with your binary as long as you clearly state where you can get the source code in the plug-in somewhere and on the plug-in’s homepage. The source code must be accessible in a way that developers can easily download and build your code.


It would be better to put it on github so that people can contribute. OpenSource projects are free on github.