The clash between the GPL and VST SDK

I recently posted on the Reaper forums about licensing regarding freeware. An issue was brought to my attention. The discussion can be viewed here

Basically, the GPL requires you to include all source code with your distribution, but the VST SDK forbids distribution of its source. What that seems to mean is that it is unsafe to distribute freeware VSTs using JUCE's free license. If this is the case, shouldn't this be spelled out somewhere on this website? I was hoping to get some second opinions here if anyone knows more.

This has already been discussed here, IMHO without conclusive results.

If that is the case, I still think that information should be available in one of the main sections of this website. If I hadn't asked on the Reaper forum I would have believed that releasing my freeware was perfectly fine.

As I'm sure we said on other threads, we obviously don't have any problems if people release open-source plugins that mix JUCE and the VST.

As long as you distribute enough of your own source code so that other people can also build the same binaries, then that seems like the definition of open-source as far as we're concerned.