Having problems with source control

I have used GitHub many times with no problems, when I code with C#. But now that I am using JUCE to develop a plugin, I am having troubles.
I’m using Visual Studio 2015 on Windows 10, and when I clicked “Add to Source Control”, a message popped up saying that some files in the project are in another folder and can’t be synced unless they are put into the same folder. I assume that message was referring to the JUCE library, which is fine.
The problem is, it will only upload my Build folder, which is pointless. It is completely ignoring all of my source code. I had the exact same problem with the previous project I created as well. I just don’t get it. At the moment, I have no choice but use Dropbox for source control.
Any thoughts?

In which folder your .git folder exists ? Content will be added based on that folder. Other what is come to mind what is does folder in same level contains .gitignore file. If does make sure that your Source folder does not exist in that file.

Might be worth checking out @bazrush 's blog post here:

Perhaps you need to follow point 6 in case VS is trying to add the JUCE library code to source ?

6. Add a gitignore file to the project root folder that ignores ./Builds and ./JuceLibraryCode. These will be rebuilt by the projucer whenever I resave so I don't really want to check them into source control.

Just a guess though…Not sure how VS deals with git stuff

No idea how to do it with the visual studio tools.

I do, fromthe commandline, something like:

cd \Users\jim\SomeProject
git init
git add Source
git add SomeProject.jucer
git commit -m "initial commit"

Suspect VS is trying to create the git project in the wrong folder. Pe

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Thanks guys!