Headless Juce

Hey people,

I have a linking issue with a newer JUCE build, it says it can’t find some juce::Colour()… It’s a console app and if I add the modules


to the project everything works, but I don’t want those modules. I have no gui related classes in my project (and no Colour…), is something linking in the juce base against juce::Colour outside of those gui modules? If so this wasn’t the case some time ago (when headless linux juce support was announced (here)

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Please can you supply the exact text of the linker error you’re seeing? It would be useful to see which TU is using juce::Colour.

shure, there are like 8 of those in different .obj files:

Main.obj : error LNK2001: unresolved external symbol "public: __cdecl juce::Colour::Colour(unsigned int)" (??0Colour@juce@@QEAA@I@Z)

if I add


everything works finde, but I don’t want this modul (because I think under linux it has some X11 reference?)

is there a list which modules have gui references? e.g. also juce_audio_utils/juce_audio_utils.h has some, which I didn’t expect from it’s name

The Colour constructor is defined in the juce_graphics module. You can work it out which modules depend (or don’t depend) on juce_graphics from the dependencies listed in the main header of each module.

I think that the only modules that don’t depend on juce_graphics are the following:

  • juce_core
  • juce_events
  • juce_data_structures
  • juce_osc
  • juce_cryptography
  • juce_product_unlocking

Some things to try:

  • Remove any modules not mentioned in the list above from your project.
  • Alternatively, add the juce_graphics module to your project. juce_gui_basics depends on juce_graphics, so you could use this module without introducing a dependency on X11.