Perverse question: using JUCE without GUI

I would like to have a non-GUI version of my app, which nevertheless uses JUCE functions (for example, the zipfile stuff).

But I am having trouble trying to link in just that (for example).

The real problem is I can't link to the X libraries (for example) because my app will be run on a machine which isn't running X.  This problem isn't an issue for the Windows or OS/X versions of the app, but on Linux it is.

Any ideas ... anyone doing this sort of thing?

That's exactly what the module system is designed for - you can choose to only use the non-gui modules if you want.

I was still unable to get a no-X link.  The events seemed to get in my way.


However, all's well; I was able to install X on the server just so the libs are found.  Not a universal solution to this issue, but  at least a workaround.

It should only add links to X if you use the juce_events package.

Jules, there have been a few of this type of question of late. I'm wondering if there ought to be a Command-Line Forum section

[edit] scratch that. Doesn't really fit in with format