Using Juce with an existing VST project (solved)

Hi people of the internet,

I've been working on a personal project lately. Basically, I coded a basic VST synth and I now want to add a GUI to it using Juce.

That being said, I've had a lot of trouble integrating Juce to my existing Xcode 4 project.
I created a blank project with Introjucer to get an example for the build settings.

I've tried adding only the Core and GUI basics module. I copied the AppConfig.h from the blank project and manually modified it after adding it to my project. I also added a juceHeaders.h files including the proper headers file.

In the build phases settings tab, I added the and to the compile sources section.

To add the modules to my project, I dragged and drop the whole modules folder, creating the new groups, and then I removed the modules I didn't want to add. Then I added a header search path, to be able to reach all headers.

The problem is that I'm getting a tons of undefined symbol errors and don't know what to try anymore.

Anyone have been able to do something similar to what I'm trying to do?

Any help would be appreciated!




Example of the errors I'm getting:

"juce::ValueTree::ValueTree(juce::Identifier)", referenced from:

Juce::RelativePointPath::CloseSubPath::createTree() const in juce_gui_basics.o

Juce::RelativePointPath::StartSubPath::createTree() const in juce_gui_basics.o

Juce::RelativePointPath::LineTo::createTree() constin juce_gui_basics.o

Juce::RelativePointPath::QuadraticTo::createTree() const in juce_gui_basics.o

Juce::RelativePointPath::CubicTo::createTree() constin juce_gui_basics.o

Juce::MarkerList::ValueTreeWrapper::setMarker(juce::MarkerList::Marker const&, juce::UndoManager*)in juce_gui_basics.o

Juce::DrawablePath::ValueTreeWrapper::Element::convertToPathBreak(juce::UndoManager*)    in juce_gui_basics.o


"juce::Path::closeSubPath()", referenced from:

Juce::RelativePointPath::CloseSubPath::addToPath(juce::Path&, juce::Expression::Scope*) constin juce_gui_basics.o

Juce::LookAndFeel::drawRotarySlider(juce::Graphics&, int, int, int, int, float, float, float, juce::Slider&)in juce_gui_basics.o

Juce::LookAndFeel::createTabButtonShape(juce::TabBarButton&, juce::Path&, bool, bool)in juce_gui_basics.o

Juce::RelativeParallelogram::getPath(juce::Path&, juce::Expression::Scope*) constin juce_gui_basics.o

Juce::LookAndFeel::drawGlassPointer(juce::Graphics&, float, float, float, juce::Colour const&, float, int)in juce_gui_basics.o

Juce::SVGState::parsePathString(juce::Path&, juce::String const&) constin juce_gui_basics.o

Juce::SVGState::parsePolygon(juce::XmlElement const&, bool) constin juce_gui_basics.o


"juce::Graphics::setColour(juce::Colour)", referenced from:

Juce::TreeViewItem::paintHorizontalConnectingLine(juce::Graphics&, juce::Line<float> const&)in juce_gui_basics.o

Juce::TreeViewItem::paintVerticalConnectingLine(juce::Graphics&, juce::Line<float> const&)in juce_gui_basics.o

Juce::LookAndFeel::drawButtonText(juce::Graphics&, juce::TextButton&, bool, bool)in juce_gui_basics.o

Juce::LookAndFeel::drawToggleButton(juce::Graphics&, juce::ToggleButton&, bool, bool)in juce_gui_basics.o

Juce::LookAndFeel::drawTickBox(juce::Graphics&, juce::Component&, float, float, float, float, bool, bool, bool, bool)in juce_gui_basics.o

Juce::LookAndFeel::drawDrawableButton(juce::Graphics&, juce::DrawableButton&, bool, bool)in juce_gui_basics.o

Juce::LookAndFeel::drawAlertBox(juce::Graphics&, juce::AlertWindow&, juce::Rectangle<int> const&, juce::TextLayout&)in juce_gui_basics.o




I realized I add to add some other modules, and frameworks to my project. It now compiles!

Let the fun begin!