Help - Cubase not finding Juce VST3 plugins

Cubase is not finding my VST3 plugins.

I’m on Windows 7, Cubase 8.5 64bit and building the VST3 with Visual Studio 2017.

Visual Studio is set to build for 64bit - the same as Cubase.

In Projucer settings I have done the following:

  • Set PluginFormat to VST3
  • Set Plugin VST3 Category to Fx and Instrument

Everything else is set to defaults.

The VST builds and I can use it in the JUCE AudioPluginHost without problems but Cubase doesn’t even see it. I searched the forums and it seems like others that had a similar issue were not copying the VST to the right folder. I’m pretty sure I am - C:\Program Files\Common Files\VST3. I also tried with another default project but still no success. What am I missing?

iirc the default Cubase plugin folder is C:/Program Files/Steinberg/VST3, not Common Files. Might want to check your cubase settings.

Thanks, but according to - I am using the correct folder.
C:/Program Files/Steinberg/VST3 seems to be for steinbergs own vst3 only. All other 3rd part VST3 I have are in C:\Program Files\Common Files\VST3 and they work fine. But of course I did try all the folders I could find - no luck so far

EDIT: I just downloaded Reaper and that finds the plugin no problems

The article from Steinberg you linked doesn’t mention the Cubase version. Since 8.5 is 2 versions behind, I wouldn’t be surprised, if that changed at some point.

Did you try the path @Holy_City posted?

hehe yeah - I tried all the VST folders I could find of course :yum: Still no joy - plus it’s pretty clear that it is the right folder since all other 3rd party vst3 files are there and nowhere else. The folder suggested by Holy_City does not exist and the closest one only has older VST DLL files in it.

But - I did come across a possible solution whilst googling last night - something about setting the runtime library to static runtime

I will try this now…fingers crossed I can stop pulling my hair out

Hooray! That was it :slight_smile:

I guess most people won’t notice if they are running their host on the same machine they are developing on but because my DAW PC doesn’t have Visual Studio or any dev stuff I needed to use the static runtime.

In terms of static linkage please have a read on this thread: