[Solved] VST3 doesn't work at all

Building a simple test-project (no code changes, same “Hello World!” plugin that get’s created by default), the .vst3 plugin that gets build (64-bit, Windows, using the latest 3.6.7 VST3 SDK) doesn’t show up in Cubase 9 at all. Even a manual re-scan practically ignores it.

Is there some setting (plugin-category?) or something that needs to be adjusted?

I’m planning on building a stereo-out only VST-synth (so needs MIDI, no inputs, one bus (stereo) output)

Build one of the demo plugins and see if that works. Make sure the bit size matches the host and the vst3 is in the correct folder.


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I’m an idiot. I didn’t realize the VST3-plugins need to be in a specific folder (Common Files/VST3). I simply assumed (yeah, I know) that the VST2 search paths work as well.

This can be closed. Building VST3 plugins works just fine.

You’re encouraged to update the title of the topic so that it doesn’t create further alarm for plug-in developers :innocent:


Good idea. Fixed. Thanks.

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