Help for improving PluginHost -> VST_Browser

I’m writing a VST_Browser: it’s very useful for large collection of vst (fast, host independent, lua-script web server)
see attached.
I use the xml database of Juce PluginHost.

I don’t know C++, so I need help from a C++ developer that can apply just this little improve to PluginHost sample:
// make Juce Audio Plugin Host “portable”, if there is “./data/Juce Audio Plugin Host.settings” in the exe path

if fileExists("./data/Juce Audio Plugin Host.settings") then // User move files from %APPDATA% to here, so use this folder instead of %APPDATA% ......... else // use %APPDATA% end
I suppose the line code is:

\juce\extras\audio plugin host\Source\HostStartup.cpp Line 53: // initialise our settings file.. Line 58: options.osxLibrarySubFolder = "Preferences";

vespadj, italy.

or probably need editing at
Line 108: #elif JUCE_WINDOWS
File dir (File::getSpecialLocation…

well, can it not be created a portable application ? … at least on Windows

Sorry, maybe I’m being dumb, but I can’t understand what you’re trying to do…!

I use Juce Plugin Host to index vst into xml database. It’s read for me ‘manufacturer’, ‘In’, ‘Out’ and other properties inside a vst.dll
My vst Browser uses this xml database, for fast updating, it scans vst folders (return filename, fileTime) and compare xml elements. It’s export a “ListOfVST_to_update.filtergraph” that I open (and close) on PluginHost.exe, PluginHost.exe loads VSTs and updates its database with the new proprieties.
It works fine.
IF PluginHost.exe may be store '“settings file” into the “current working directory” of PluginHost.exe - like portable applications does - reading/compare/updating xml file it’ll be more easy for my (I can skip one or two steps)

I implement my code for reading from %Appdata%, compare/update to another juceCachedDB (in the path of my program)