Help installing Visual Studio 2019 Community

I am installing Visual Studio 2019 Community for the first time on a clean Windows 10 VM.

I’m a Mac Developer, not much of a Windows guy.

When presented with all the options for installing stuff, would I be correct I assuming that for JUCE Windows and Android development, all that I need to select is:

Desktop & Mobile
Desktop Development with C++
Mobile Development with C++

And within those options, are just the defaults OK? I just want to get started checking my JUCE Mac projects; I’m not planning to target XP. Thanks!

Android development with JUCE is done using Android Studio, not Visual Studio. So “Desktop Development with C++” is enough.

It might be possible to tweak the sub-options of “Desktop Development with C++” to exclude a few things that are not mandatory, and save a bit of space on your VM. I’ll have a look once I get in front of my computer.

This is how my Visual Studio 2019 Community installation looks like:

:warning: I don’t have any “Windows 10 SDK” checked here because I already have “Windows 10 SDK (10.0.10240.0)” on my machine, due to installing Visual Studio 2015. If you haven’t installed any other version of Visual Studio before, you should check “Windows 10 SDK (10.0.18362.0)” (or one of the older ones at the end of the list).

You might also want to keep checked a few useful tools:

  • C++ profiling tools
  • C++ CMake Tools for Windows
  • C++ AddressSanitizer (Experimental)

I hope this helps!


Thanks for taking the time to post that! Greatly appreciated. I’ve installed it, and JUCE, and created and compiled a test GUI application - it works!

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