Very first steps

Hello everyone. I am new to programming with C++ and Visual Studio and I know fairly little about coding in general. I love working with DAWs and software synths and effects, so I decided I wanna learn how to make something myself.
From some older threads I already know that some of you will want to advise me to start somewhere else, but I’d like to at least give this a proper try. I also know that some advocate for a separate “Newbie” section (which I would very much appreciate) and a true “First Steps” tutorial series. Are there plans for any of this? Are there any resources you would recommend? (Also, who can explain github and repos to me?)

At the moment I’m trying to get through some JUCE tutorials, but I’m getting these errors when I’m trying to build my plugin.

I understand that I should be able to point VS to the correct SDK like this:
However, this doesn’t work and I’m still being given the above error.People seem to be having this problem constantly, but I haven’t found a solution for my case yet.
I’d be grateful for any helpful tips!

I’m using Visual Studio 2017 Enterprise on Windows 10
I have downloaded the Steinberg VST_SDK 3.6.11
What else is important?

There’s unfortunately all kinds of options you will need to select in the Visual Studio installer in order to build C++ code with JUCE. I don’t myself use the Visual Studio Enterprise edition but here are the selections I did for my Visual Studio 2017 Community install :

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Right, seems like all I had to do was to install that particular SDK. Thanks!