More than 100 errors building JUCE examples

Hi guys, I’m a totally newbie with JUCE, I’m using JUCE 4.3.1, 3.6.6 Steinberg’s VST SDK and VS2015 Community and I couldn’t build any project.
When build is started, it throws a lot of errors (I attached some screenshots of the errors given) and at the count of 100 it stops.
There are errors related with syntax, types of variables, not declared variables…
I don’t know what to do to solve it, I’m trying to do a plugin for my end-of-degree project and I’m stucked here for weeks.
Will appreciate any help, thank you so much guys :slight_smile:

Some pics of the errors:

Hello !

What are you trying to build ? One of the JUCE examples ? Something else ? Did you set the project using the Projucer ?


I’m trying to build several of the examples that comes with the JUCE folders from the JUCER type of file. The one of the example is the examples -> Audio plugin demo.

I’d go for:

  • Build projucer.exe using the existing extras/Projucer/Builds/VisualStudio2015 solution file
  • Open Projucer.exe
  • Create empty GUI project
  • Press build

Confirm that it builds correctly.

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I tried it right now, when I try to build the Projucer.sln it returns 6500+ errors and failed to build :frowning:

Okay … that’s sounding special

Can you build even a ‘hello_world.cpp’ using VS2015 without using JUCE at all? Maybe your VS2015 installation is fubar.

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I think the C++ tools are not even installed by default in Visual Studio. They need to be separately chosen when installing VS.

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@jimc I can create the C++ Console Application but when I try to build it it gives me the same result, lots of errors.
@Xenakios, if I can create Visual C++ type of projects (it appears under the Installed templates) it means I had already installed the C++ tools or I missed anything else?

Thank you guys for helping :smiley:

You mean you can’t make a hello_world.cpp work without JUCE?

I think you may want to try reinstalling visual studio or whatever you need to do to make that work before comign back to JUCE…

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