"Vanilla Juce" Example Synth Project Errors on Loading?

I am brand new to Juce, and I’m trying to learn how to build a synthesizer using it.

I was hoping to use the “Vanilla Juce” project to learn from:

However, when I load it up I get errors:

What does this represent and can it be fixed?

Alternatively, are there any working/current Juce Synthesizer examples I could learn from?


What does Visual Studio say about the code when you save and open in IDE in Projucer? (You should be using Visual Studio for actual development anyway. As far as I know, the Projucer live build engine is suitable just for testing out simple things, not for building more complicated projects like audio plugins.)

I thought the whole point of the Projucer thing was for being able to write it all in there and test it all in there directly. You’re saying I should actually expect to be working in Visual Studio instead?

I tried clicking “save and open in IDE” and it opened in Visual Studio but nothing else happened:


I do not have any coding background. My only experience is in synth design from Reaktor and some basic HTML/javascript/PHP for web work, so I have no idea what I’m doing with these projects/programs. I was hoping to learn from this Vanilla Juce project so I can gradually learn to translate the Reaktor projects I have made over to Juce. But I need to get Vanilla Juce working first in order to do that.

I know it’s gonna be a steep climb, but I’m committed. Any help appreciated.

Reaktor no longer can meet my needs (no multicore, too CPU inefficient) so it’s an essential next step for me.

Nothing really is supposed to happen in Visual Studio when the project is opened. Try building the project.

Okay thanks. I tried building it, and I get a version error:

I tried setting the version to the only one I have available though and using the “Retarget solution” function for both solutions. But it still keeps saying that. Not sure what to do. (?)

I am not at my Windows machine now, so I can’t check how that stuff should be set up at the moment. Hopefully someone else can chime in to help. And by the way, welcome to the relaxing world of C++ development! :wink:

edit : As a quick guess, probably some of the needed SDK components were not chosen when installing Visual Studio.

The SliderListener was a typedef for Slider::Listener, to keep an old VisualStudio happy.
It was removed a while ago, since all currently used VisualStudios support the nested namespaces now.
To get rid of that error, replace SliderListener with Slider::Listener in your code.


Some time has passed since these tutorials were written, there are better approaches now for some things that are told there. Just a few months ago several new tutorials were released, including some synths:

@mikem if something doesn’t work in VanillaJuce, you should consider creating an issue on their GitHub repository: https://github.com/getdunne/VanillaJuce/issues/new.