How to start a new project "properly"?

I’m a newbie and I have some troubles when starting a new project. Basically when I export the file on Visual Studio and I compile it (without editing or writing anything), it returns me about a hundred errors and also a lot of warnings (0 of 116 errors and 196 of 199 warnings and 0 of 23 messages). But at the same time it also says:-no problems were found. I wanted to know how to solve it and run a new project correctly.

That sounds frustrating. Can you tell the steps you have taken?

Maybe I’m not in the best position to give advice, but as a fellow newbie I found that walking through at least 10 of the tutorials on the juce website and making sure I understand every single line and can alter things successfully helped me a ton. Did you do that?

does that happen if you make a standalone GUI application, or did you jump straight into a fresh plugin project?

I open Projucer.exe and I already start to have some doubts because I’ve seen a lot of videos on YouTube where the application looks different, I mean I don’t see the classical GUI with sort of “boxes” (GUI, Audio application etc. ) but I have to click on file>new project and it will show me a drop down menu with all of them, but maybe it’s not an issue. Then I select “basic plugin” from the menu and I export it in visual studio 2019. Once I’m in visual studio and I compile without writing a single new word of code it gives me errors and especially warnings and finally says “could not start the program, could not find the specified file”, but I saved it in the same folder the pc says. I’m really frustrated with this situation.

A plugin is no program that can be run. A plugin is meant to be loaded by some third party program that’s already running. So Visual Studio is right when it tells you that it could not find an executable although compilation was successful, because you built a plugin that cannot be run itself. What is needed is that you chose some plugin host you prefer, set this as startup application in Visual Studio and then load your plugin in that application to test and debug it. I personally like Reaper for development but you can chose any host, a very lightweight solution is the plugin host application that comes with JUCE. I work on mac most of the time so I can’t tell you where to find the startup application setting in Visual Studio from mind but I think you will manage to figure that out yourself :slightly_smiling_face:

The description you’re providing seems like the default when opening projucer without an open file. It gives a menu with some options for how to start a new project and that sort of thing. If you already have a .jucer project, feel free to double click it to open, or use the open… option.

I would start by building the AudioPluginHost, which can be found under JUCE/Extras/AudioPluginHost/ and can be opened in Projucer and then built and copied to your Applications folder. If that works, you can build plugins and have a very simple environment in which to test them.

If that doesn’t work, let us know and someone might be able to help.


don’t worry about that. they changed the layout a bit lately when releasing JUCE6

try compiling a pure GUI project first to see if it works at all. then compile a plugin project, but as a standalone only. only then, when that worked, you can try to compile to VST3. the easiest way to do that is go into the vst3-project’s properties in visual studio, then to debugger and add the location of your favourite DAW into the upper textfield and hit ok. also make sure VS has the right to read and write to C/programs/common files/vst3

Oh what a stupid error… why I don’t have thought of it before! Thanks you all.