New project not compiling

I am having problems compiling and running a new project that I have just made using the latest version of JUCE and Visual Studio 2022.
First I make a new project using the drop down file menu.
Then I select Audio, in the application drop down menu under the new project tab on the left side.
After that I click on the Create project button in the bottom right of the window and select a location for the project file.
I then click the cog icon on the left to take me to the new project settings.
When there I set the project type to audio plugin and then plugin format to vst3 and plugin characteristic to plugin MIDI input and plugin MIDI output.
I then go to save project and open in IDE.
In visual studio 2022 I try to compile the project but it gives me error messages .(see attached)

When I set the project type to GUI application and run the compiler, it runs and shows a plugin window just not when I select audio plugin.
When I run the example projects included in JUCE they all compile and run fine.
Could someone please help?
Thank you for your time.

Looks like you might need to link the paths to modules in the projucer file. The errors in VS imply it’s not finding the juce code.

Changing the type of a project is not supported. If you want to make a plugin, you should create an Audio Plug-In project from the beginning:

Yep all sorted now.
Thanks for your help.