Visual studio not compiling new JUCE project

When compiling a new JUCE project in Visual Studio 2022 I get an error message saying “unable to start program file not valid win32 application”
Can someone please help.
Thank you for your time.

You are apparently trying to both build and debug (“run” / “start”) a plugin. But you can’t debug a plugin directly by running it. The compilation/build has apparently succeeded already for you.

I am following the steps the JUCE tutorial create a basic audio/MIDI plugin.
When I get to the set up plugin debugging part and run the extras/audiopluginhost jucer file and link my newly created VST3
project to it. The icon for my VST3 only has MIDI input and output nodes and no audio nodes.
How do I get the adio nodes to show up.
Thank you for your time.

Sorry I forgot to add a screen shot

I cannot get tool tips by ctrl right clicking on code in the Juce editor can you please help?
I have tried holding alt, fn and windows buttons but no luck.
I am using visual studio 2022 on a PC
Thank you for your time.