Help: The Damo App is not fullscreen on my iPhone 5

Hi, all,


I tested the demo on my iPhone 5, but why the screen is not full screen? 
and I use the tool to create a test UI, got the same result.
how to change ?Any suggentsions?



added Default-568h@2x.png, It's better, but another issue happend, black background show on top bar.

Just bumping this to help anyone else find it and cause I just dealt with it - apps won't run true fullscreen on iphone 5 unless you have that proper loading image.



Speaking of which - whenver I save the project with Introjucer - it overwrites / erases my app icons and launch there a way to handle this without having to recreate them every time?

If you make sure they are called "Defaultxxx" Xcode should pick them up automatically. In the Introducer, make sure they aren't added to the binary resources so they get copied in to the app bundle. See the screenshot for the file names as they can be a bit obscure.

Awesome - thanks for that info.

To clarify - create your images with these filenames:



Add the files via Introjucer, but then un-check "Add to Binary Resources"


Still working out the icons...