Help with the basics

I followed this beginner tutorial for creating a midi volume control. It works great in the Juce Plug-In Host, however, I cannot get it to work in Cakewalk.

Being a controller for midi volume, and having checked the Midi Effect checkbox when creating the project, I had thought it would show up as a Midi Plugin, but it doesn’t appear in the list of midi plugins available for midi tracks in Cakewalk. It does show up in the list of available audio plugins for audio tracks though.

Predictably, it won’t work as an audio effect either, since it has neither audio inputs nor audio outputs, and Cakewalk returns an error telling me as much when I try.

How can I make the tutorial plugin work in Cakewalk?



MIDI-only plugins are notorious for not working or only working via workarounds in various hosts. There isn’t much Juce itself can do about it, as it just hasn’t been a well supported use case in the standard plugin formats and the hosts that work with those formats.

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