Stuck in tutorial part 2

Hi, I’m a newbie and stuck into tutorial: “Create a basic Audio/MIDI plugin, Part 2: Coding your plug-in” at the very end to run the plug-in the host environment to see the midi note signals coming through the plug-in. I’m capable to open the host and also to open the plug in in this environment but I’m wondering how to “see” the values or signals. Is there a scope feature or a window to open to see the changes once the volume slider is moved? I even do not have ‘midi’ connectors on my plug in. Thanks and happy sunday, Boris

Maybe it’s a plugin format issue, not all of them necessarily support all the needed I/O configuration for the tutorial plugin. Which plugin format are you testing in the Juce Plugin Host? Also, are the settings for your plugin project right in the Projucer?

The Juce tutorials are unfortunately getting outdated at this point, so all the details might not be exactly right in those anymore.

There is no oscilloscope or other audio visualizer in the Juce plugin host or the plugin examples. There are 3rd party plugins for that purpose. You could also relatively easily build your own visualizer plugin based on Juce’s AudioVisualiserComponent.

Hi Xenakios, thanks for your response. It’s very much appreciated. I#m using VST3 format for this tutorial but you’ve been right with the settings. So, I had to select the midi I/O option before I build the plugin. Now, I do have that midi ‘in’ but I’m still wondering how I shall collect midi volume output information at Juce Plug-In host to make midi ‘out’ changes visible based on once I move the Midi Volume slider in my plug in. Hope my explanation is good enough to outline my first step issues at this stage :slight_smile: Thanks

There is no MIDI monitor in the Juce plugin host or in the plugin examples, either. Again, it would be easiest to resort to some 3rd party plugin. I would assume some free MIDI monitoring plugins do exist.

You could of course put in some instrument plugin to confirm your tutorial plugin instance is actually affecting the MIDI volumes as expected.

Thanks! I’ll figure out :slight_smile:

By the way, how you’ve set up the patch in the plugin host doesn’t probably even make your plugin’s processBlock run currently. The plugins need to be routed into the Audio Output module in order for that to run. (The routing can of course be indirect too, but some signal path has to lead into the Audio Output.)