How to make sure plugin works?


I’m a student who’s trying to learn how to use Projucer and JUCE. I’ve been following the steps of the first basic tutorials here:

At the end, when we are done coding in the host enviroment (for me, Visual Studio), the tutorial says we can verify our plugin works by seeing that “all MIDI note on signals are coming through our plug-in have the value set with our slider.”

How do we do this? When I run the plug-in in Visual Studio by hitting the green arrow the plugin comes up (in this case it’s just a basic slider lloking like this:)

How do I see that MIDI note signals are going through the plug-in, and have a value set to that slider’s value? Do I need to plug in a MIDI controller to my keyboard or open the plug-in in a DAW like FL Studio?


Loading your plugin in a DAW would probably be the easiest way. Then you can just sequence some notes in the piano roll and see them play back at the different velocity (using a midi monitor or a synth or something). You’ll probably have to copy your-plugin-name.dll into your vst plugins folder if you don’t already have Visual Studio set up to copy it as a post-build step.


You can also debug directly inside the Juce Plug-In host located in the JUCE extras folder.

There is the possibility to launch the AudioPluginHost directly from Visual Studio, this way you can set breakpoints while debugging.

Follow the first part of the tutorial for the whole process: