Hiding the tabs of a TabbedComponent

Hi Jules,

I’m new-ish to Juce and very impressed by the work you’ve put in. Looking forward to dusting off my C++ cobwebs!

I’m starting work by using The Jucer to develop a GUI that contains a tabbedComponent containing many tab pages, but I don’t really want the user to use the tabs to select which page is visible (I want to do it programmatically). I can make the tabs very small, but am not allowed to select tab depth smaller than 10. Is there any way to hide the tabs altogether? If not, please consider this a feature request.


If you don’t want tabs, then why would you use a TabbedComponent!?

Just stack all your components up, and make them visible/invisible, if that’s what you’re actually trying to do?

Fair point.

I suppose that tabbedComponent looked like a simple way of ensuring that all of the pages were aligned, and easier to select pages via setCurrentTabIndex(). But it’s mainly because I come from a Visual Studio background where you edit all of the pages on one gigantic component, so you need the tab control visible during design to view the page you are working on.

In practice the Juce strategy is nicer as it has each page in a different set of source files.

Looks like I’ll do a quick rework of my design. Thanks for the rapid reply!