Hierarchically Nested Juce UI Components

How can I hierarchically nest UI components in the Introjucer UI Component Builder?

I am currently using The Introjucer v3.0.0 in an example based on the “RenderingTestComponent.cpp” class in the “Juce Demo” project.

I have been able to use various properties of the widgets to layout the screen with complicated dependencies throughout all of the widgets. However, I would like to use simple rules to position a container such as a Group Box or a new Viewport and then place new components as children within those containers such that the new components would be laid out relative to the boundaries of the parent container.

How can I add components as children of other components? Will this require a separate .cpp/h source file or Component Builder instance? Are there any examples?

I notice that other demos, such as the WidgetsDemo, do not appear to use the Component Builder. Do more complicated applications tend to layout their interfaces programmatically, instead of using the Component Builder?

Thank you!!

Yes, it supports embedding - just add a “New Jucer Component” into your layout!