Starting up,

Hi guys, just starting with Juce here. I use the git tree, created a project with the Introducer, created a Component with The Juce, added these files back to introducer and regenerated the project, and tried to build…
… but it seems that The Jucer templates are out of date compared to the library components ? It tries to include “juce.h” and use “setSize()” that seems not to be the proper syntax anymore…

  • Also, how does one ‘embed’ a button a a group box for example? Right now I can put the button ‘over’ the group box but it won’t move with the box unless I explicitelly add a ‘relative to’ binding of sort.

  • Are there other simple examples for something like “Just a GL view and a pair of controls” apps to get started (and rip off)

  • Oh and does one have to use the Introducer to add every files to the project, or is there a shortcut to add files during development ? Here on a fast machine it takes up to 20s to regenerate makefile+xcode projects

Sorry, the Jucer’s pretty old now, and since I’m currently slaving away writing its replacement, I’m not planning on spending much time patching up the old one.

That’s not possible in the old jucer - it’s strictly one level of components, you’d have to do that manually.