Hierarchy in Jucer?

Hi Guys!

I am very new to Juce and to the Jucer but I really like it and would like to get a deep knowledge of using it. I started designing my GUI with the Jucer but I am stuck at building more complex hierarchies in it.

To be precise:
I would like to have a canvas (like just an plain container component) and then several groups in it which contain (within each) semanticly connected buttons. Sinces these groups are complicated to build (i would like to use drawable buttons which are not possible to create with Juce, icons etc) I would like to build separately these Groups as component classes and then add them into the ContainerComponent through loading a file. Is it possible? Or I am just dont getting Jucer’s meaning right?

Thx in advance for any help


Yep, that’s the way you’d do it. You can insert one component into another as “jucer components” on the “new components” menu.