Hiring a VST3 developer to create realtime gain analyzer with global linking features

Hi! I am looking for a developer to help my company create two plugins that will do the following:

Plugin 1

  1. Analyze input gain in real time from record enable mode on a DAW.
  2. Automatically adjust that gain to the target level.
  3. Be able to analyze Peak, and RMS depending on the selected mode.
  4. Needs to have a “Solo Analyze” and a “Global Analyze” option so that the user can operate only one instance of the plugin or all of them in the current session at the same time.
  5. Needs to be either momentary or have a 5-10 second analyze window. It will be used in a Live context.
  6. Needs to have +50 or -50 db capability.

Plugin 2

  1. Needs to have + or - 50db capability. Single Knob.
  2. Needs to have 8 preset buttons that once pressed snap that gain knob to the preset level.
  3. Needs to also have a global link that can link the presets across all instances of the plugin in the session.
  4. Needs to have MIDI link capability so the presets can be triggered from a device.
  5. This plugin will be used live to create mix snapshots like you would on a console.

Let me know if anyone can help so that we can get some numbers put together! Thank you.

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