Host plug-in I/O configurations reset

in that question: Where is my sidechain chooser?
I had problems with additional busses. But it found out that the reason was not my code but some cache of host’s configuration (in that case Logic Pro X).
And in mentioned thread I found sentense like that:

Did you try to reset & rescan the plug-in?
validation can keep old plug-in I/O configurations even if you re-compile…

But it didn’t helped. What really helped was to change the plugin name (in my case it was whole new Projucer project).

But isn’t it radiculous to renaming whole Projucer project everytime I want to change my busses configuration?

That’s why I want to ask for help. How to do it easier? How to reset host’s plug-in I/O configurations that is keeped in some cache file or somewhere else?

For any help thanks in advance.
Best regards

Fortunately, just reset & rescan plugin in plugin manager (Logic Pro) now works for me. I have no idea why before it didn’t work.