Host sync and control (a la ReWire)

I just discovered Waves Tune which uses ReWire from Propellerhead to sync and control with a DAW (Pro Tools in my case). I’m working on a plugin using Juce and would like to replicate this type of functionality. For example, transport functionality is available from either the host or the plugin window:

Play Start Time
Mark and Playback Loop Regions
Stop Playback
Start Playback
Set Session Start Time
Snap Marker to Host’s Grid

Any of these actions taken in the host immediately update the plug and vice versa. It’s pretty nice. Unfortunately it looks like you have to run ReWire, which I inserted on an aux track.

Does anyone have experience with this? I don’t know if licensing ReWire is an option for me. Is it possible to do this without something like ReWire?



The plugin gets told about some basic stuff like whether it’s playing/recording, current time, etc.

this look like MMC events in MIDI, but i don’t fully understand what do you want to do.

i tried getting the API for ReWire, but i never got any answer for propellerheads, i think the words “opensource” kinda did it. if you’ll be trying to get the api avoid them, also free and community :).