Transport control to daw

Is there a way to send a play and a stop signal from the plugin to the daw? Or can you only listen for it? Ex when I click play inside a rythmbox the daw starts playing as well.

Or if this is not possible, is there a way to hack the daw transport so you can make it sleep for a certain amount of time before resuming to play?

Not in a nice way.

Your are the DAWs bitch.

[Possibly you could do something horrific with sending midi transport controls… but .I don’t want to think about the user experience setting that up]

It sounds you want a remote control rather than a plugin. Maybe look into the various MMC protocols, like MackieHUI, Eucontrol, etc.
But check first, which protocols the host you want to control accepts.

So I have to create a virtual usb port from a standalone and connect this inside the daw settings? Where do I even start, any lecture that can point me in the right direction? Is this possible with juce framework? I can’t find an api for mackiehui seems completely proprietary… That suxx

ReWire might be something worth looking into. It’s quite the pain to set up, but it’s doable, and it allows you to control the host via plugin.


Thx but I’m gonna go for a standalone that communicates with a plugin. I found the reverse engineering docs of mackiecontrol and MidiOutput::createNewDevice. I was just wondering if I ever release this in a plugin, can I get sued by mackie??

edit: Oh fuck createNewDevice is not available on windows… Is there any other way of doing this? Or a workaround?

Hm … You can try launching a separate standalone as ReWire slave … ReWire salves have the possibility to send start and stop (even loop changes) to their masters.
And with some hosts users don’t even need to setup anything