Sending MIDI data to a DAW from a standalone app

I’m having trouble finding a way to use JUCE to send midi data to a DAW.

The idea is to control multiple VST instruments within a DAW, generating midi data in realtime for a generative music system I plan to implement.

Is there any way I can build a standalone JUCE app to act as a midi controller by sending OSC messages to a DAW to generate midi for a given track?

JUCE supports OSC but it would be up to your particular destination DAW app to convert those messages into MIDI.

Sending MIDI data directly can only be done with a virtual MIDI port and notoriously Windows has no native solution for that, only 3rd party implementations.

What is it with this… why?? I was really hoping for this in Win10, but alas…

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There are a few options for Windows, but they all require installing a driver.

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There was a blurb from Microsoft it was going to be added to the API as part of the creators update, but here we are…

FWIW, I’ve had great success with virtualMIDI. Works exactly as advertised on every version of Windows I’ve tried it on.

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Agreed that there’s lots of solutions out there, and they all work well. Just a pain to have to get customers to install.

Interesting that it was supposed to be in the creators update - didn’t realise that - well, at least there’s hope for the future.