MIDI Virtual ports

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Not sure were I should have started this thread, so, I chose this location. Anyways, doing research for a potential project, this particular utility will be needing to use virtual midi ports to connect to stand alone midi apps, e.g., Kontact, or others…

It was deemed actually easier to accomplish the goals of the utility to connect via a virtual port, like using LoopBe or other virtual ports, as opposed to writing a host app to do the same thing. (how I am getting around the Steinberg VST2 issue)

So, I was wondering if there was code somewhere, that can do this. The target users of this utility may not have virtual midi ports, so, I would need to supply the functionality, in case they didn’t have that. Kind of taking the route that BOME did, with their midi utility, I suppose… (they supply virtual midi ports)

any help greatly appreciated…

I’m not aware of any free options to do this on Windows. On macOS, it’s built into the OS.

I’ve used the BOME SDK in the past: https://www.bome.com/products/bmidi

You do need to install a driver, but once the driver is installed, you can create virtual midi ports at runtime and give them any name you want. The driver is stable and performs well, I’d recommend it.

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For Windows, there is also

I hope this helps.

You can also do this sort of thing with OSC. You can use the freely distributable Touch-OSC Bridge driver:


… and it works cross-platform on both Windows and Mac. You just need to open up OSC ports and connect to it.

well thank you for the replies… yea, so the thought here is, I am just feeling out the project as whole, meaning, do I want to move forward, etc. Yup, I do cost analysis, so, kind of don’t want to waste my time, kind of thing… to be honest, not looking good… but, that is just the nature of the beast, i guess…