How do I get a "Standalone Plug-In" to display the Settings... dialog button

I’m using JUCE 5 on macOS Sierra.

If I create a new plugin project and enable “Build Standalone Plug-In” it works as expected. I get a bar across the top of the plugin with a “Settings…” button in the top right.

However, I have an existing project on which I enabled Build Standalone and it builds the standalone, but I get no audio and no Settings… button.

What is the secret sauce to make the Settings… button appear and audio working?

You are probably using a native window. There is an options button in the title bar of the plug-in window:


The settings button only appears as a notification when JUCE auto-mutes the microphone if it detects that there could be a feedback loop.

Ah thanks. I have it working now, Options was not showing correctly due to my look and feel.