How do I verify plugins?


I created a basic gain slider plugin. I created this plugin as a .dll file, I wanted to integrate this plugin into FL-Studio, but the plugin is not shown as verified.

In order to be able to display the plugin, I must have activated “Resan previously veryfed plugins” and deactivated “Verify plugins”

I have registered and logged in to JUCE, but I only have the standard licenses.

Thanks in advance for the help

The license you’re using shouldn’t make any difference. First off, download pluginval and see if your plugin pass validation there.

If it does, I would remove the Shared_Code and Standalone folders from FL’s plugin search paths and scan again. If you still can’t verify it, try placing the VST3 file into the standard VST3 location on Windows and try again.


I don’t have the VST3 folder in the C: \ Program Files (x86) \ Common Files path. Would it also be possible to add the VST3 file in the C: \ Program Files \ VSTPlugins folder?

It should be fine to create one. Does your plugin pass validation with Pluginval?

Yes, the plugin passed the validation.

When I create this file, do I have to enter the path to FL-Studio or do other settings?

I tried to scan the plugin and it worked. Thanks for your help :slight_smile: