How should I add mp3 file as binary data?

Hi. I am a beginner in JUCE, working with a simple audio plugin that plays a specific noise in the background of input audio. I have put my mp3 file in a folder that I created in my project folder, added it with Jucer file explorer, and checked it as a binary resource.
However, I couldn’t find any specific information on how to bring and play this mp3 file. Can anyone please give me some help? Thanks.

First you create a MemoryInputStream with the BinaryData, and then the usual way to load it into an AudioFileFormatReader

auto stream = std::make_unique<MemoryInputStream>(BinaryData::IpNoise_mp3, BinaryData::IpNoise_mp3Size, false);
juce::AudioFiormatManager mgr;
auto* reader = mgr.createReaderFor(std::move(stream));