How to add Linker flag in Projucer

I need to add a Linker flag, just for the release version, to be compatible with a support lib.
Is it possible to add a link flag in Projucer, rather than hand set it every time I need a release build?
I’m keeping both Windows and Mac files and project settings in Projucer, very successfully so far.


  • click the relevant configuration
  • add flag to “Extra linker flags”


  • click the relevant configuration
  • in “Custom Xcode flags” add something like “MY_SPECIAL_LINKER_FLAG=-someFlag”
  • click the Xcode exporter
  • add “$(MY_SPECIAL_LINKER_FLAG)” to “Extra linker flags”

For all other configurations you can either set the MY_SPECIAL_LINKER_FLAG to something different or ignore it all together and it will evaluate to nothing


This worked for me, however overlooked the fact that you need to comma separate the flags if you need multiple values.

Just adding that here as a reminder if anyone else hits the same problem!