How to add Linker flag in Projucer

I need to add a Linker flag, just for the release version, to be compatible with a support lib.
Is it possible to add a link flag in Projucer, rather than hand set it every time I need a release build?
I’m keeping both Windows and Mac files and project settings in Projucer, very successfully so far.


  • click the relevant configuration
  • add flag to “Extra linker flags”


  • click the relevant configuration
  • in “Custom Xcode flags” add something like “MY_SPECIAL_LINKER_FLAG=-someFlag”
  • click the Xcode exporter
  • add “$(MY_SPECIAL_LINKER_FLAG)” to “Extra linker flags”

For all other configurations you can either set the MY_SPECIAL_LINKER_FLAG to something different or ignore it all together and it will evaluate to nothing