How to add this dependency using the Projucer?

To add CUDA support to a JUCE program I have to do this according the CUDA documentation:

“Open the Visual Studio project, right click on the project name, and select Build Dependencies > Build Customizations…, then select the CUDA Toolkit version you would like to target.”

But I’m not allowed to edit the Visual Studio project. I need to use the Projucer. But how can I do this using the Projucer?

Is it a static/dynamic library? Maybe you could try adding it on Extra Linker Flags or External Libraries to Link in “Exporters/Visual Studio”

It also includes some preprocessing of the .cu files. So it is more complex than just the inclusion of a library.

Instead of including the CUDA file (.cu) you should preprocess it and generate object files .o which you then include in your source files in the Projucer. Then on Extra Compiler Flags you include the path to CUDA toolkit, and then the CUDA libraries in Extra Linker Flags. Just a guess haven’t worked with CUDA and JUCE together yet.

hi. i managed to integrate cuda with juce on ubuntu. i used cmake and g++ 10. here is a link to the repo
.cu files are build by nvcc and then linked.

hi got it running with cmake also on windows. same repo. cheers