How to change ParameterLayout in AudioProcessorValueTreeState?

In my plugin I have different parameters for mono and stereo version of plugin.
For stereo I have additional params.

But I initialise the my AudioProcessorValueTreeState in the header of AudioProcessor constructor.

And I found out in some hosts (in example Juce AudioPluginHost) later the BusesLayout can be changed. So I expect to be able to change the ParameterLayout by removing parameters which are no relevant for mono version of plugin and put them back when bus layout is changed to stereo.

So I would kindly ask if is there any common way to manage such scenerio.

I’ve tried to find anything in AudioProcessorValueTreeState documentation but I only found advice to use AudioProcessor constructor to initialise all params.

I wondered about keeping AudioProcessorValueTreeState as unique pointer and reseting it everytime bus layout is changed. But I feel like it can be dengerous.

For any help great thanks in advance.

Best Regards.