How to create a plugin with audio and midi on input/ouput?

i would like to create a plugin with:

  • Mono audio on input,
  • Stereo audio on output,
  • Midi on input and output.

For this, in the projucer i selected:

  • Plugin is a Synth
  • Plugin Midi input
  • Plugin Midi output

However when i use the plugin in Ardour, i get the following picture (red is MIDI, green is audio):

That shows that there is no audio input.
How to get an audio input please?

Hey @fredofaure,

The plugin template has a line in the audio processor constructor that if the plugin is a synth to not add input to the plugin. You can either untick the plugin is a synth or in the plugin processor remove the if! and !end around withInput in the constructor. Either way you need to change the stereo argument for withInput to mono.

Hopefully this Helps,


Yes, thanks very much KMSonnox, this helps.

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