How to enable audio_utils in projucer?

sorry if this is something i am just blindly overseeing,…but in the introjucer, i’m sure there was a button to “download and add module” for the audio_utils modules.

Is that gone in the projucer?

juce_audio_utils should already be in your JUCE modules folder. We removed the feature to download modules from the web as we think it is easier to just sync the whole repo.

Just right-click on the Modules group and select add juce_audio_utils.

damn…is that right click trick listed anywhere? I just tried now and it does of course work…but how would people know to do that?

also, how come the audio_utils are not included automatically? are there some really huge files in there or something?

Oh yes, what time I’ve wasted to search for these kind of things…
Yesterday apple realized, that a mouse can have more than one button, now right click is used in all places, and tomorrow, when people rewrite their gui for touch devices, they will realize, that right click is… not so cool. Then we will have to re-learn…
Intuitive UI is a difficult task… :wink:

…before just everything enabled was default. I don’t know, what is better…
Maybe having the list of all (juce-)modules with on/off toggles would be easier to use, you always know, what’s available, but don’t include everything which you might not need.

makes perfect sense to me! there’s even the table already made in the Projucer Config page, so would just need to add toggles to that. Super simple.

Well, not so simple… There isn’t a master list of modules somewhere - you can add modules from any folder on your disk, so although it has a few heuristics for looking for a named module that’s missing from your project, it can’t scan your entire hard disk looking for all possible modules.