Idea: ProJucer 'auto-update JUCE modules from GitHub' feature

I just inadvertently created forum spam by using the standard JUCE distro rather than GitHub bleeding edge.

For anyone who hasn't yet realised this, it is just a few clicks to sort out:

  1.  'github juce' into Google and download to /foo
  2.  with your existing project in your existing ProJucer, config pane -> modules, choose the first one and change its path (/foo/modules)
  3.  go back again to viewing all modules, ensure the first one is selected, and click 'set paths for all modules'
  4. file -> save project and open in IDE

Also if you ever wish to update again, obviously you can just replace /foo. I think it's possible to get a local copy of a github repo to sync with a single terminal command.

But I wonder: if there is considerable forum spam & ROLI time lost due to people not using bleeding-edge, maybe it might make sense to have the ProJucer maintain a local bleeding-edge mirror, and maybe even using that by default. It could automatically check once a day for changes.

It would certainly be nice feature! To be able to toggle between stable and edge.


Great ideas. Actually, improving that whole module system and the way you update them is very much on our immediate roadmap. Jules has some very nice ideas how to improve module handling, so I'd suggest to be patient and wait a bit until he comes up with something :-)

I am running through the juce tutorials in Win10 x64, and the 'set paths for all modules' in projucer is not working at all.  Nothing happens when I press the button.  I have the first (correctly set) module highlighted in the list.  juce_audio_basics has found my install where I pointed it, and says it's up-to-date (4.1.0) 


But then I have to manually copy my path to every module.

Getting a bit of nintendoitis running through all the tutorials.... thoughts?

Weird, the 'set paths for all modules' button works just fine on the newest JUCE tip (I just tried). You have to select one module with the right path settings first, then click the button, and then click the little popup menu that says "Copy the paths from the selected module..."

Are you sure that you actually set the path for the right exporter? If you click on every module, you will see that the module path is actually specified separately for Xcode (OSX), Xcode (iOS), VS2015, VS2013...

I didn’t notice the popup! Just looked like a button. I clicked it and nothing happened. I can’t believe I didn’t see it, but there it is, large as day…

Proof you see what you expect to see. :confused: