Module Updates - Quick Question

Quick question.  On the introjucer it says that my installed version is 3.1.0 and the available version is 3.0.8.  The install updates button is highlighted.  I want to be working off of the head for now.  If I point my paths to where I check out JUCE (actually clone, I just wipe out and recreate the directory from time to time to get updates), will it automatically copy anything new I checkout to the JUCE directory into my project?  I do not want to hit the update button since the version it want to update me to is older.

Yeah, sorry - I need to update that stuff on the website. We're in the process of figuring out how best to handle modules in future - i.e. whether to keep the current system, or just rely entirely on GIT and the big zip file, or some other process.