Cannot update modules

Just downloaded JUCE V4. Started the Projucer and wanted to update the modules in my project. But that does not work. The field "Install updates to modules..." is greyed out and the fields "Available Version" only says "--".

Is that because of the homepage redesign? Maybe the Projucer does not find the path where it can download the newest modules?


I'm not in front of it right now, but take a look and you should see a new configure option in your project for the Projucer alongside all your existing exporters. You'll need to set this up...

For some time Roli seems to have server side issues with this. I presume it is for the same reason as "download and add module"-button do not work.

Looking in the IntroJucer code and snooping with wireshark it seems to try to fetch modules from

Putting it in the browser just gives you a friendly "No input file specified. " though.

Yeah, I think it is a server side issue. Because it also happens with the JUCE demo (which should be configured correctly).

I can always copy the modules by hand, I guess...