"Failed to get latest module list from juce.com"

I get this when I click "Download and add new module"

I've gotten this error for a few days now, both with "old" introjucer version 3.something and latest and gratest projucer.

Are you moving servers or something? It also seems this forum is slower than usual.

Thanks, we'll look into that on monday.

(And I think the server's just under a lot more load this week!)

This is still happening for me. I'm using the version of the Introjucer from the latest release on github. Is there any way for me to add modules to my project without that server working? 

If you're using the introjucer from github, then you should be using the version of the modules that comes with it, not the downloaded one.

Ah I see. I had mis-understood what that was actually doing. Thanks!