Introjucer downloading latest

It used to be that I could use the Introjucer to download the latest version of the Juce tree, bypassing the Git stuff.

I started to use Git to use the modules branch (I presume at least that the modules folder was not included in the version pulled down by Introjucer), but now the modules have apparently been merged into main branch, I figured I’d use the Introjucer again to stay up to date.

Except, the version I now have only has an option to get the latest modules - it doesn’t seem to have an option to download the whole Juce tree any more. Am I missing something obvious? :slight_smile: I’d like to have the whole updated tree so I get the latest extras folder too (although I’m again assuming that the downloaded version includes the ‘extras’ folder… ).

[incidentally, I’m going to use Git to get it anyway, but I was curious]

Well, the idea behind making it download modules that way is that in the future, they needn’t all be mine - the website’s modules database could include 3rd party modules from other sites, so the introjucer would be able to show you a big list of modules and download the latest version of each one from its own location.

As for the other stuff in the juce GIT repo which this will miss out, (which is really just the extras folder), I hadn’t really come up with a good idea for that! I could create a new type of entity which is an “app”, and turn all the example projects into these downloadable “app” objects, but that may be a waste of time when you can just as easily grab a project using GIT…

Oh sure, I totally get why the modules downloader exists :slight_smile: that makes perfect sense! I was just missing the ability to get the latest tree that way too so I had the latest Introjucer project source. That’s all I was really after.

An ‘app’ object would be quite cool, but an obvious thing to do would be to just have a latest Introjucer binary to download. Since you can use it to get the latest modules without touching Git, it’s a little frustrating to only be able to keep that alternative up to date via Git! :slight_smile:

Now I’ve finally got Git figured out enough to get the latest without breaking everything, it’s not so bad :slight_smile:
[tbh, I think the problems I had were all down to choosing the wrong option for line-endings in my windows client the first couple of times!]