Issues running Introjucer from tip

Hey guys, I’ve decided to look at the modules branch and start by building the latest Introjucer. When I run it, it opens to the Module Updater screen and I can’t progress from here.

The check for available updates is timing out/failing, and I can’t seem to select or type my juce path (a message “Not a Juce folder” is shown). FWIW, the path is /home/sherman/workspace/lib/juce/modules .

If nothing else, can I skip the update and work with the current copy (my git clone)? !

This sounds like a linux-specific issue, which isn’t surprising since I haven’t tested the introjucer on linux for a very long time. I’ll try it out…

Let me know if there’s any info I can pass on, or a better description.

In the meantime, is there something I can comment out to bypass the update step so I can create a project? At the moment I’ve just copied the example project and am hacking away manually to fix the paths, etc…

Thanks for the quick response :slight_smile:

Ok, read your other post and repulled the master. Built Introjucer and ran and now I see a list of modules. I selected them all and updated, and they show that they are at their latest versions.

When I close this window, I get an error popup stating “Unless you create a local JUCE folder containing some modules, you’ll be un any projects correctly!”. Should I be selecting the juce/modules directory?

Hmm, it doesn’t like selecting(and validating?) the juce dir. It crashed a couple times changing directories and redownloading the modules in a separate dir, but its now pointing at the correct place and seems to be working without issues now.

I believe that the big problem is that the paths from the native dialog are corrupt. I couldn’t get it to open an existing file or recognize a legit modules path until I made the change here:

I haven’t tested extensively, but I was able to do some basic stuff today.