How to find out which GUI widgets we can use?

I have an idea for a audio plugin and/or stand alone tool. I would like to know if I can do this using Juce. Therefore I have some questions. This is one of them:

I have a hard time finding out if the available GUI widgets are enough for my project. When going to the documentation I get a large list of classes. It found it difficult to found out what the possible GUI widget are from this list.

Is there a tutorial available that just shortly introduces all GUI widgets that can be used?

Is there for instance support for:

  • Split widgets with resizable borders?
  • A widget to draw envelops?
  • A widget to draw any kind of filter shape (e.g. for multi channel EQ)?
  • A widget where I can do some 3D (OpenGL?) drawing?

I recommend building and running the DemoRunner and/or the Projucer. These two projects show a lot of the built-in widgets, and you can easily inspect the source code to see how to set up each widget.

Yes, via StretchableLayoutManager and StretchableLayoutResizerBar

Not built-in, but can be created as custom widgets.

Yes, via OpenGLContext.

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Thanks for the answer.

Is there some example how to create for instance an EQ shape editor like this:

I have experience with Qt and once you know how to do stuff it is not that difficult.
But Juce would be new to me and these first steps are always the hardest.

How to create for instance this log scale background. Do we need to draw this line by line ourselves? Or are there functions for this?
How to draw the graph lines? What functions do we have for that.
What is the strategy for changing the line real-time with the mouse?
A simple example of this would be very helpful to get started.

You could try checking out this open-source project, which demonstrates how to do most of these things:

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