How to get list of available plugins from DAW in a plugin-host plugin?

I’m working on a plugin host that will also be a plugin. In the standalone version, I have successfully implemented a PluginListComponent, in a window, a KnownPLuginList, ApplicationProperties file etc. and it basically works like the JUCE AudioPluginHost.

My question is: for the plugin version, it would seem that you don’t handle any of this yourself, but instead would get a list of available plugins from the DAW that is hosting your plugin host. What is the way to do that? I can’t really seem to dig up an example…

There is no such facility in the plugin APIs, you do have to have your own plugin management for your plugin that is a host.

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So are you saying that my plugin-host plugin needs to essentially have my own PluginList Window, and the ability to scan for available plugins, inside a host that has its own list of available plugins, which may be different from my list?

Yes, that’s what you will have to do. The Juce plugin hosting is completely separate.

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OK - seemed illogical, seemed my plugin host should be working with the same list of plugins that the DAW has decided are available, but if that’s the case, can do!


For the plugin APIs to support such a thing their designers would need some foresight. As a general rule in computing nothing was designed with foresight.