Example of hosting a plugin

Not sure if I did miss something. Is there a minimalistic example of a host that just loads a plugin included to JUCE?

For an example of a standalone app, there’s the AudioPluginHost.

For an example of a plugin that loads other plugins, there’s the HostPluginDemo.

Thanks a lot! This was what I was looking for

Quick question, when I load that example there are no plugins in the list and no way of scanning for them that I can see. So my question is… how do I locate a plugin just for a test? Thank you.

In the main menu, to go Options → Edit the List of Available Plug-Ins → Options… → Scan for new or updated plug-ins.

I am not seeing that option for some reason. :S.


In the HostPluginDemo, use the Options... menu at the bottom of the window to open the menu allowing you to scan for new plug-ins.

If you’re trying to test your own plug-in, it’s probably better to use the AudioPluginHost than the HostPluginDemo, as the former is much more fully-featured.

Nothing there either… lol. So confused at this point. And no I am not doing that. I just wanted to look at how to host a third party plugin at some point into a plugin I am planning to make in the future. :).

I just checked making a Projucer Project from the HostPluginDemo PIP. Apparently, it does NOT set some settings in the module parameters correctly. Click on the juce_audio_processors module, and set JUCE_PLUGINHOST_VST3 and JUCE_PLUGINHOST_AU to Enabled.

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Confirmed. It now works. Cheers :D.